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To challenge our employees to provide our customers with dynamic, innovative solutions to everyday commerce concerns which improve the overall productivity of society and quality of life, while generating a profitable return.


Magnum History

  • The first Magnum truckload company to operate was originally founded under the name of Gadberry, Inc. in 1978. Gadberry, Inc. had its office at Gadberry Farms headquarters near Grandin, ND.

  • Magnum, Ltd. was incorporated in 1981 by Wayne Gadberry and two other local farmers. Magnum's primary function was to move lime rock from Duluth, MN to several of the American Crystal Sugar Company plants to be used in the process of making sugar. After several years of functioning as a sole entity, Wayne gained sole ownership of Magnum and combined Gadberry, Inc. and Magnum, Ltd. into the continuing truckload company, Magnum, Ltd.

  • Magnum LTD continues to service our truckload customers across the continental United States with terminals in North Dakota, Minnesota, and North Carolina. We hire over-the-road (OTR) drivers from several areas throughout the country, focusing specifically on the mid-west, south, and south-east regions.

  • In 1990 Wayne Gadberry, Dick Roswick, and Paul Meyer started Magnum LTL, Inc. to serve less than load (LTL) customers. Over the years, Magnum LTL, Inc. has grown to 13 terminals and serves Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, western Wisconsin, and eastern Montana.

  • The same year, Magnum Logistics, Inc. became incorporated in North Dakota. This division of Magnum is a non-asset based logistics and brokerage company serving national and international customers.

  • Magnum Warehousing, Inc. began in 1998 and now maintains over 300,000 square feet of warehouse space in Fargo, ND. Magnum Warehousing is a full service operation providing inventory management, along with third party logistics (3PL), and other value-added functions to meet the customer’s needs.

  • In 2008, while many companies began to cut back, Magnum decided to move forward, starting Magnum Dedicated, Inc. This Company provides dedicated transportation for customers that require direct freight delivery on a high demand rate. Magnum Dedicated continues to grow with existing manufacturers while adding new accounts.

  • The fall of 2010 brought change to Magnum, as Dick Roswick and Paul Meyer chose to retire and sell their remaining stock to Wayne Gadberry, making him the sole owner of all five Magnum Companies.

  • Today, Magnum has more than 950 employees and operates terminals/offices in Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Its corporate headquarters are located in Fargo, North Dakota.


Organizational Overview

  • Magnum is comprised of five separate entities:

  • Magnum LTD, Inc. (Truckload Division)

  • Magnum LTL, Inc. (Less than Truckload Division)

  • Magnum Logistics, Inc. (3rd Party Division)

  • Magnum Warehousing, Inc. (Warehousing Solutions Division)

  • Magnum Dedicated, Inc. (Dedicated Equipment and Service Division)


Incorporated in the state of North Dakota, Magnum maintains headquarters in the city of Fargo. We have a centralized operational support center that handles Accounting, Safety and Compliance, Information Technology, Maintenance, and Human Resources.

We also manage a network of terminals throughout seven states. Each terminal is managed by a team of terminal, sales, and operations staff that is sensitive to local market needs and responsive to specific customer requirements.


Operating Guidelines:

  • Conduct our business ethically.

  • Respect our employees and provide an opportunity to grow.

  • Use our equipment and facilities to develop strategic customers and partners.

  • Focus on customer’s needs.

  • Utilize state of the art equipment.

  • Practice continuous improvement.


Magnum Corporate Office

3000 7th Avenue North

Fargo, ND 58103


Corporate Phone:(701) 293-8082

Toll Free:(800) 726-7510

Corporate Fax: (701)293-8039

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