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Corporate Citizenship


Along with providing exceptional service for our customers, Magnu​m employees regularly volunteer their time, energy, and financial resources to serve the communities in which they live.


Magnum is dedicated to good corporate citizenship and encourages employees to become active in their communities. Employees are involved in community cleanup projects, the annual United Way campaign, coaching and participating in community athletic teams. Magnum employees are also members and supporters of community groups such as the YMCA and YWCA, church groups, service groups, youth groups, and educational institutions. Magnum also donates money to qualified charitable organizations each fiscal year. 


In addition, Magnum has been partnering with Madison Elementary in Fargo, North Dakota since 2001 through the Adopt-A-School program. Employees are matched with students, grades K-6, for our "Lunch Bunch" program, in which employees give up their lunch hour once a week to be a positive role model at the school. The thirty minutes is often spent reading books, playing games, and mentoring. Furthermore, fundraisers are put on throughout the year including, but not limited to, the annual golf tournament, the Christmas Giving Tree, and the Company Holiday Party in order to raise funds and gifts for underprivileged students.


Magnum considers it a privilege to utilize its assets to help others. In 2011, the Company donated equipment to deliver donations to those dealing with severe flooding in the Minot, ND area. Trailers have also been donated over the years for transportation of peaches for the annual Youth for Christ fundraiser.

Magnum employees take pride in the communities in which they live, as evidenced by the support they provide.




Magnum understands that our day-to-day actions have an impact on the world around us. That's why we strive to reduce the emission of harmful pollutants and the consumption of natural resources by adhering to eco-friendly policies and processes throughout our company.


In addition to helping preserve the environment, many of our green initiatives also allow us to operate more efficiently and cost effectively. Every day Magnum proves that it is possible to provide affordable, top-of-the-line freight transportation services while still being good stewards of the earth. Here's how we do it:

  • One of the most important ways that Magnum reduces our environmental impact is through innovative, effective route planning. By making sure we carry freight as efficiently as possible, we minimize the amount of fuel we use and the levels of carbon dioxide our trucks emit into the air.

  • Magnum is a member of the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) SmartWay Transport Partnership. This program is an innovative collaboration, between the freight industry and the government, to improve energy efficiency, reduce air pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve energy security. The EPA has consistently awarded Magnum the highest possible score among SmartWay partners for our environmental efforts. Magnum also uses vendors that are EPA SmartWay partners for purchases of new tractors, trailers, and tires.

  • Smarter Fuel Usage: Making environmentally responsible decisions about fuel usage is an important part of Magnum's strategic plan. We've successfully lessened our environmental impact through the use of cleaner fuels and by taking steps to improve the fuel efficiency of our equipment.

    • Better Fuels

      • Bio-Diesel - we are using B5 blend bio-diesel in some states.

      • ULSD Fuel - we only use ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) fuel, which reduces the emission of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides.

      • Conversion to Propane - all of our forklifts have been converted from gasoline/diesel to propane.

    • Optimizing Fuel Efficiency

      • Fuel Economy Monitors - each of our trucks is equipped with technology that allows us to track and measure its fuel economy. This technology allows us to quickly address any issues that might be leading to wasted fuel.

      • Idle Shutdown System - all of our tractors are equipped with idle shutdown systems set at 3 minutes.

      • Improved Aerodynamics - much of our equipment has air farings and side farings to improve aerodynamics, resulting in lower fuel usage.

      • Reduced Oil Consumption - we use synthetic lubricants for all drive trains (transmissions and rears) that reduce friction and improve fuel mileage.

      • Low-Profile Tires - we are converting our entire fleet to low-profile tires, resulting in reduced rolling resistance and lower fuel consumption.

      • Speed Management - our power-units are governed at a speed of 65 mph to increase the number of miles received per gallon

      • Weight Reduction - by using aluminum fuel tanks in lieu of steel, we have reduced our power unit weight by 65 lbs. This decrease in weight leads to a big increase in fuel efficiency.

      • Card-Locked Fuel Systems - we use card-locked systems for our vehicles to foil wasteful, unauthorized access to fuel. Our systems also employ breakaway hoses to help prevent potential soil and water pollution from fuel spills.

      • Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) - these devices provide energy for functions other than propulsion. Our tractors are equipped with APUs to run accessories while the engines are shut down, saving fuel. This allows the cabin to be comfortable with A/C, heating, and the use of other electrical equipment for the driver, while the engine is turned off.

      • Driver Training - our drivers go through continuous classroom and hands-on training to ensure that they are operating company vehicles in the most fuel-efficient manner.


  • Electronic Logs: All of our equipment is equipped with an electronic system to record drivers' Hours of Service, reducing wasted paper and envelopes.

  • Recycling and Conservation: Magnum keeps waste out of landfills and conserves precious natural resources by reusing and recycling materials from scrap metal in our shops to plastic bottles in our offices.

  • Cleaner Processes: Our employees follow environmentally responsible procedures to keep harmful pollutants out of the air and groundwater in the communities we serve.



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