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Dedicated is designed to serve large customers who require dedicated trucks and trailers solely for their needs.

For Dedicated please contact:

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Scott Diggins: 763-780-7553
Andrew Kaleida: 763-795-3906
Email: tlsales@magnumlog.com

Kevin Kostman
Phone: 612-782-4271
Email: kkostman@magnumlog.com

Magnum Dedicated Terminals

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
8835 Evergreen Blvd
Coon Rapids, MN 55433

Phone: (763) 795-3906
Email: dedmlps@magnumlog.com

Sioux City, IA
5015 1/2 Dakota Ave
South Sioux City, NE

Phone: (800) 726-7510 Ext: 5353
Email: sioux_cityterminal@magnumlog.com

Magnum Dedicated


Magnum Dedicated was incorporated in 2008. The division is designed to serve large customers who want Magnum to provide dedicated trucks and trailers solely to their needs. We also have a regional fleet, available for short haul (500 miles or less) shipping.


Dedicated Capacity

  • Our fleet contracts to our business partners under multi-year contracts.

  • Magnum secures trusted, experienced local professionals in the driving industry. We seek long term partnerships not only with customers, but also driving professionals, which provides a higher level of service than many other fleets.

  • We are able to analyze your transportation patterns and determine if a dedicated contract is a good fit for your needs. Magnum can dedicate anywhere from 1 to 50 truck and drivers, per business partner.


Regional Capacity

  • Our regional dry fleet runs within Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, northern Illinois, eastern North Dakota, and eastern Nebraska.

  • Magnum’s business partners utilize this resource for both spot load activity, and regular, non-dedicated contract activity. It serves as a standard regional truckload division.

  • We focus on activity within 500 miles or less in length of haul, primary dry load freight. Our goal is to provide a high level of service and cost value, utilizing our business partner’s networks to find mutual efficiencies, and passing along that value in return.



  • Magnum is fully compliant with ELD requirements, 100% of our drivers use Electronic Logs.

  • We provide both tractor and trailer tracking.

  • Magnum is fully EDI capable.

  • We use a state of the art, customizable software system that can adapt to the various needs of our business partners and improves our level of accuracy.


Magnum Corporate Office

3000 7th Avenue North

Fargo, ND 58103


Corporate Phone:(701) 293-8082

Toll Free:(800) 726-7510

Corporate Fax: (701)293-8039

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